Ikonen der Zographen aus Moshopolje in Sprski Kovin (Ráczkeve) in Ungarn

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Dinko Davidov


The paintings in the Serbian church in Srpski Kovin from 1765
are by a painter (zograph) from Moscopolje. The master artist of a
travelling company of painters left his signature in the chapel of St.
Kuzman and Damjan simply as «Theodor the Painter», so that his
family name remained unknown. Recently a contract for painting these
frescoes was discovered with the painter’s signature in Greek (Theodor
Simo). After cleaning the iconostasis it was found that Theodor Simo
also painted the wooden icons, as well as a series of small icons and
the composition «Christ’s Tomb». One might well suppose that the
works of this painter who worked in the post-Byzantine style could
also be found in southern regions-Epirus and Macedonia.

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