Aleksandr Ksaver’evič Bulatovič ; sa participation parmi les Onomatolâtres du Mont-Athos

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Constantin Papoulidis


Aleksandr Ksaver’evič Bulatovič (monk Antonios) was a pioneer in the
movement of the Onomatolatres in Mt. Athos, during the 1912-13 period.
Those worshiping the Name of the Lord (Onomatodox or Onomatolatres)
claimed their general belief to be in realism. Furthermore they claimed that
the Name of God in itself contained His Presence whenever invoked by the
faithful in his prayer (see also C. Papoulidis, «Όνοματολάτραι», Μακεδονικά
11 (1971), 117-166).
Following his research in the archives of Mt. Athos, the author of this  article has been able to complete the section concerning the sojourn in Mt.

Athos, of the A. K. Bulatovič bibliography, which was recently compiled by
the soviet scholar I. S. Kacneľson (see also A. K. Bulatovič, S vojskami
Menelika II, izd. pod. red. I.S. Kacneľsona, Moscow 1971, pp. 3-31).

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