The activity of Professor Charalambos Fragistas in the Institute for Balkan Studies

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D. J. Delivanis


The Institute for Balkan Studies has been very fortunate in having outstanding personalities serve as presidents up to the present time. The second
president, Professor Charalambos Fragistas, presided for ten years (1964-1974)
over the Institute’s Council, of which he had been an active member since the
early days of the foundation of the Institute. He was thus enthousiastically
and deeply involved in public affairs in addition to the duties which he performed with distinction as Professor at the University of Thessaloniki and
many foreign universities. He offered his valuable services to many other institutions such as the Society for Macedonian Studies and the International
Association of Southeastern Europe (Greek Committee), and participated
several times in caretaker governments.
Being faithful to his country, fully informed about Greek history and civilisation, and acquainted with developments in the neighbouring countries,
he was properly qualified to head an institution such as the Institute for Balkan Studies which is indebted to him for many achievements in various sectors. On the whole, Professor Fragistas’ contribution to the Institute for Balkan Studies has been substantial and shall be never forgotten.

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