Der Volksname Üngürüs

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Milan Adamović


The author examines the ethnonym Üngürüs, which the Turks used in
the 14th to 16th centuries when referring to the Hungarians. Basing himself
on Turkish and European sources, he concludes that the name was not pronounced as * Ungurus, as assumed previously, but as Üngürüs. Furthermore, the author sets forth that Turkish Üngürüs was taken over from Greek Ούγγρος “Hungarian” and disproves the earlier derivation from Latin Hungarus. Searching for the etymon of Ούγγρος, the author notes the phonic agreement between pi. Ούγγροι and Proto-Slavic Qgri, id.; hence, the latter two had their origin in one and the same Hungarian ethnonym, lost since, carried by this people when coming into the North Pontic area, and which both Greeks and Old Slavs borrowed.

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