“Die Bulgaren im Byzantinischen Reich" kritische Bemerkungen

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Phaedon Malingoudis


The content of this article was inisiated by I. Bozilov’s study on “Les
Bulgares dans l’empire byzantin”, published in “Godisnik na sof Universitet,
Istoriôeski fakultet”, No 69 (1975), Sofia 1980, pp. 143-193. On the above
mentioned study I. Bozilov discusses his ideas concerning the linguistic identity of the Slavs who established themselves in Greece during the Middle Ages,
and concludes, that these Slavs, linguisticly, and thus, ethnicly, were Bulgars.
The author of this article, however, iS"not persuaded by the explanation of
the historical sources by I. Bozilov. So, Mr Malingoudis, using the same historical material as Mr. Bozilov shows in his article that during the Middle Ages,
the theory about a “Bulgarian” population in the area of Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki and Serres, is nothing but a misunderstanding of the historical sources.

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