Neue Erkenntnisse über den Siebenbürgischen Humanisten Stephan Bergler (1680-1738)

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Marina Marinescu


The paper provides new data about the life and the activity of a distinguished scholar of the second half of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century, Stephan Bergler. Born in Braşov (Romania) in 1680, Bergler studied classical philology in Leipzig and worked in Germany and the Neatherlands for well-known editors of classical texts, such as Johannes A. Fabricius and Thomas Fritsch.
In 1722 he was invited by Prince Nikolaos Mavrokordatos of Valachia to Bucharest, where he lived as his councelor and librarian until his death in 1738. The paper comments four letters recently discovered at the Library of the University of Copenhague, which complete the information provided by the study of Maria Marinescu-Himu, first published in 1943.

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