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Veselin Beševliev


Among the ancient names of mountains, rivers and localities in Moesia
and Thracia, not of Hellenic or Latin origin, there are names which do not
seem Thracian and evidence of a migration wave from the north to the south
along the Black Sea coast:
1. Names of towns and rivers, such as Όρδησσός, ’Οδησσός, Πανυ-
σός, etc.
Adjectives, as for instance Γευπασηνός, Κουλκουσσηνός, etc. Names
ending in -σος are deemed pre-Hellenic in Greece.
2. A particular group are the names ending in -σκός as for instance
Γαρησκός, Δραβήσκος, etc.
3. Other names have corresponding names in Greece, as for instance
Λάρισα, Τίριζις, etc.
4. Other names show an alternation of 0~A as for instance Όργάμη~
Άργάμω, etc.
5. In Odessos and the vicinities there are names of gods not found elsewhere, such as Δαρζαλάς, Πέρκω, Περκώνει, etc.
6. Archeological finds in South-east Bulgaria indicate a pre-Thracian
population, as for instance the aeneolithic necropolis near Varna, the excavations in Karanovo, the dolmens in South-east Bulgaria, etc.
7. The name of the Rhodope Mountains, reminding and possibly correlating with names like 'Ρόδος, 'Ρόδιος can hardly be Thracian. The ending
-οπη appears in Μερόπη, Μέροπες and Europe, where it does not mean
‘river’. Probably Rhodope is a pre-Thracian name as well.

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