Griechischer Widerstand gegen die antigriechische Reiseliteratur der Aufklärungszeit : zur verschollenen pseudonyme Schrift : ''schreiben aus Lemberg an den N.N. in Wien, die Griechen betreffend. Wien 1788''

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Polychronis K. Enepekides


The above mentioned publication is found only in two German libraries :
The Library of the University of Vienna and the Public Library of the same
city. The letter is signed by the initials G. V. which are not to be found in any
of the various international dictionaries of anonymous and pseudonymous
writers. Nor is this very rare German publication mentioned in the multivolumed
“Generalverzeichnis” of books in German universally published.
This unknown publication v/ritten on the occasion of an anti-greek
article published in a German newspaper in 1788, consists a general attack
against all those travelling in Greece in the 17th and 18th centuries, who,
lacking a correct knowledge and a fair judgement of the situation, belittle
the Greeks and overload them with vices they don’t have.
This study, which presents this unknown publication to the reader for
the first time, deals initially with its content, trying to detect the writer,
probably among the Greek scholars in Vienna, where it must have been published
and confiscated by censorship, and not in Lemberg, where the writer
himself lived, at least as he himself mentions in the text.

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