Jacques de Baux, Lord of Corfu : 1381-1382

Spiros N. Asonitis


The island of Corfu, dominated from 1294 on by the Angevin princes
of Tarent, passed in 1373 under the direct control of Joan I, queen of Naples.
The political crisis in the kingdom of Naples (1380-1381) provided Jacques
de Baux, heir of Philip II of Tarent, with the opportunity to establish his
authority on the principality of Tarent as well as on Corfu.
On the occasion of the publication of the earliest available evidence
about Jacques'administration in Corfu, the author deals with that prince’s
lordship on the island.
During Jacques’ short domination on Corfu and while his attitude towards
the new king of Naples, Charles III, was hostile, Venice showed a vivid
interest in the acquisition of the island. As the local aristocracy was in bad
terms with Jacques’officials, a revolt broke out in Corfu (May 1382) occasioning
the abolition of his authority and the restoration of the dominion of the
throne of Naples over the island.

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