Die politische und bildungspolitische Situation in Griechenland im Spiegel der Korrespondenz K. D. Schinas' mit Fr. v. Thiersch 1831-1857

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Athanassios Christou


This study investigates the political and educational factors which influenced Greece soon after it gained its independence. These factors are traced in the correspondence which K.D. Schinas had with Fr. v. Thiersch, especially from 1831 to 1857. In the very first days of independence, these two intellectuals communicated to one another their views on subjects of great political significance
such as the organization and function of political parties, the role of the
church and ofju'sti'ce, the foundation of the educational system and everything
that concerned the interior and foreign affairs of the new state. This archiva
material is drawn from the “Sammlung Thierschiana I” which is preserved in
the Department of Manuscripts of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek of Munich.

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