Motives and obstacles for teachers’ participation in distance education programs

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Anastasia Pampouri
Varvara Gotouchidou


This article aims to explore motives and obstacles faced by teachers, when attending distance education programs. The aim of the research was to describe participants’ characteristics, to highlight their motivations and obstacles, as well as to study the effect of these motives and obstacles on teachers’ intention to participate in distance education programs. The research sample was 60 participants, more particularly 38 women and 22 men, who had participation experience in distance education programs. This quantitative research was conducted by using questionnaires, collected between March and May 2021. Research analysis results showed that the most important teachers’ motivations of participation were to increase their work efficiency, acquire new knowledge and to invest in their lifelong learning. On the other hand, the main obstacles were the cost of participation, lack of time, due to work or family commitments and the time schedule of distance education programs.

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