A market for human reproduction rights.

Theodore P. Lianos


The size of the world population approaches 7.5 billion and is predicted toincrease in the 21stcentury. Various studies have estimated that the optimumworld population size is around 3 billion. The present note proposes a policy forreducing the world population by introducing a universal law stipulating thateach couple will be given three shares, each one representing the right to givebirth to half a child. These shares can be traded in an international stock market.Thus, an international market for human reproduction rights will be createdwhere people can sell or buy shares according to the number of children they wishto have. Consequently, on average, there will be one and a half children per family,but families can have none or one, two, three, etc. children, depending on theirsupply of shares. This policy could reduce world population to approximately 4billion in about a century.


Human reproduction rights; population; China; population controls; J11; J12

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