Flexible forms of employment integration. Assessing the implementation of pilot projects promoting flexible arrangements: the case of Cyprus

Miltiadis Staboulis


The present paper examines the dynamic relation between flexible work arrangements and effective employment policies. Regulations that form the integration framework of flexible forms of employment are analyzed thoroughly, based on the country’s social model and labor legislation. Active employment policies are studied as a tool of increasing flexibility in labor markets especially during the recent times of global recession. The research part of the paper investigates two certain experimental projects that involve flexible work arrangements in Cyprus. Both projects implement certain employment policies that promote local flexible employment. Through applying ex-post evaluation methodologies, a detailed set of qualitative and quantitative data is thoroughly elaborated, resulting in a vast number of innovative parameters that could be used in promoting flexible, decent, healthy and productive work, in order to achieve an inclusive sustainable economic growth, according to International Labor Organization’s (ILO) engagement.


employment policies; flexibility in labor market; flexible; decent; productive work; sustainable economic growth; J08; J78; J21; J28; J41

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