Internationalization of Greek social enterprises as a sustainability and development strategy

Georgios N. Magoulios, Dimitrios Kydros, Anna Trichopoulou


The aim of this paper is to identify and highlight those conditions and characteristics that will facilitate the internationalization of Greek Social Enterprises (GSEs) and, thereby, enhance their sustainability and performance characteristics. In Greece, social enterprises have a very low degree of internationalization. Assessed on their fundamental characteristics (turnover, employment, size), they fail to respond to criteria of extrovert Social Enterprises. We also highlight policy measures that may support and encourage social enterprises to internationalize. Through ­internationalization, positive effects on the viability and further development of GSEs will emerge,specifically related to strengthening their competitive position in the domestic and international markets, by raising capacity innovation, increasing sales, creating new jobs and acquiring a healthier financial position.


social enterprises; Greece; internationalization; F230 multinational firms; international business

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