Der griechische Gelehrte Georgios Zachariadis und sein Beitrag zum slawischen Schrifttum im 19. Jahrhundert

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Ioannis A. Papadrianos


Among the Greek scholars who lived during the 19th century in the north-eastern Balkans, and also in Central Europe, and by their work contributed to the spiritual development of the Balkan Slavs, pride of place must be given to Georgios Zachariadis. Unfortunately, however, no detailed monograph on Zachariadis exists. On this account the problems that arise concerning the life and activities of this Greek scholar are still many and varied. In his study the author tries to fill one part of this lacuna. At the beginning of the work the following are examined, on the basis of new historical evidence: the date and place of Georgios Zachariadis’ birth, his studies and tenure as teacher in the Greek school at Zemun, the Serbian school at Šabac, and the Greek school in Vienna. The author continues his study by analyzing the various works of Zachariadis, which are written on Old Church^Slavonic, and the translations this Greek scholar made from Greek into Old Church Slavonic. Finally, the extent of Georgios Zachariadis’ contribution to Slavonic letters is made clear.

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