The baptism of the Russians in the Iviron codices 1317 and 1319 of the 18th century

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Constantine Papoulidis


In this article is presented the critical edition of two texts: Περί του πότε
καί πώς έχριατιάνησαν ol Pioactoi (“Concerning when and how the Russians
were baptised), from the manuscript codices nos 1317 and 1319 of the Monastery of Iviron in Mount Athos. The author believes that these texts were written in Mount Athos during the XVTIIth century, in the political climate of the expectation of the Greeks, to be liberated from the Turks with the help of the Russians. The Russians who might liberate the Greeks from the Ottoman rule owed much to them, even their baptism and their initiation into Christianity.

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