Les traductions du “Discours de la Méthode" de Descartes en grec moderne

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L. G. Marcantonatos


The article of L. G. Marcantonatos on Descartes “Discours de la Methode” deals with the fate of Descartes’ work in Modern Greek Literature. According to Marcantonatos’ research, Descartes’ work was translated seven times during the last hundred and fifty years. The translators and commentators of Descartes’ work were, N. S. Piccolos (Corfu 1824), D. Mostratos (Constantinople 1878), T. Theodorakopoulos (Athens 1933), G. and A. Verveniotis (Athens 1939), C. Christides (Athens 1948), C. Anagnostou (Athens 1972) and I. Skokko (Athens 1973). In addition the author adds some biographical information about the above mentioned translators, and tries to do the first critical evaluation regarding the literary character of the translations and comments, particularly emphasizing the work of Piccolo and Christides.

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