Der Verlauf der griechisch-albanischen Beziehungen nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg und die Frage der muslimishen Tschamen

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Kyriakos D. Kentrotis


From the end of World War II until 1970s, the relations between the two
countries were the worst in the Balkan peninsula. Whereas there have been
some significant improvement in 1980s, however, several events or circumstances
after the collapse of the communist regime in Albania have increased tension
considerably, proving once again that the periods of good relations are
in fact, the exception to the rule.
There are certain factors which continue to influence relations between
the two countries:
a. the repeated influx of tens of thousands of Albanian refugees into Greece ;
b. the status of Greek minority in Albania;
c. the role of the Orthodox Church and
d. the accuses against each other of taking discriminatory measures against
their nationals.

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