Die Thrakische Karnevalsszene und die urprungstheorien zum altgriechischen Drama : ein beirtrag zur wissenschaftsgeschichtlichen rezeptionsforschung

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Walter Puchner


The study deals with R. M. Dawkins’ description of the «Kalogeros
» - dromenon 1906 in old Thracia and the bibliographic career of this article in the writings of the most famous Classical philologists
and archaeologists mainly of the British School of Archaeology, from
Harrison and G. Murray up to Gaster and Guépin. Dawkins’ description
is not representative for the whole phenomenological spectre of
the variants of this dromenon; although important theories concerning
Dionysian religion and the origin of ancient drama (as well as
possible survivals) were based on his conclusions. Decades of Bulgarian
and Greek descriptions and analyses of the costume, which show
the variability of these motives, were not recepted by Western scholars
since today, so that the Kalogeros-case is paradigmatical for linguistic
barrières in international research and didactic for the mechanisms
of knowledge-distribution and information-channeling in 20th

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