Germanograecia. Deutsche Einflüsse auf die neugriechische Literatur (1750-1944). Von Georg Veloudis. Amsterdam: Hakkert 1983. Bde 2

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Λάμπρος Η. Μυγδάλης


Georg Veloudis: Germanograecia: Deutsche Einflüsse auf die neugriechische
Literatur (1750-1944), Hakkert, 2 vols (Amsterdam, 1983), pp.
This book undertakes a systematic investigation of the influence of
Germen literature and education in general on Greek culture between 1750
and 1944. In the introduction, the author describes his method, and divides
the rest of volume 1 into four parts: 1. The Enlightenment and the classicistic
period; 2. Romanticism and the neoclassical period; 3. Naturalism and
Symbolism; 4. Realism and Antirealism. Volume 2 comprises the notes.
Through a combined process of philological, historical, and socioeconomic
investigation, the author demonstrates the essential relationship
between ‘transmitter’ and ‘receiver’, analyses the subject according to categories
(literature, philosophy, medicine, etc.), points out the direct and indirect
influences, makes frequent comparisons between the German cultural
influence and the Italian, French, English, and Scandinavian; and in
this way produces a well-rounded and interesting composite investigative

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