About the Journal

The electronic journal entitled Πολιτισμός-Σύνορα-Κοινωνικό Φύλο/Μελέτες Culture-Borders-Gender/Studies is an annual periodical publication of the Culture, Borders and Gender Laboratory of the Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies at the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece. The journal aspires to become a forum for interdisciplinary dialogue between epistemological traditions and thematic fields, such as Sociocultural Anthropology, Gender Studies, Border Studies, Cultural Studies (literature, art, cinema, and digital technologies), and Minority, Migration, and Refugee Studies.

The journal reflects the broader academic targeting and educational activity of the Culture, Borders, and Gender Laboratory, whose main objectives are:

  1. The study of cultures as a historical, social, and interpretive process within an ethnographic context.
  2. The understanding of sociocultural practices as a cultural critique of the local/global encounter as mediated by art, literature, and cinema in the Balkans, Europe, the Middle East, and Eastern Mediterranean.
  3. The comparative and multimodal research of populations living in state border areas and/or moving across them.
  4. The quest for the meaning of cultural, social, and symbolic boundaries as produced in institutional and extra-institutional contexts of local and globalised everyday life of populations that experience exclusion and detriment.
  5. The interactive and in-practice understanding of how gender identities are constructed and experienced as social and human conditions.

The journal hosts studies in Greek and English, which are subject to a peer review process and operate as an open-access publication supported by the library of the University of Macedonia. This choice explicitly substantiates the fundamental priority of the Culture, Borders, and Gender Laboratory, which is disseminating the produced scientific knowledge in the public sphere. This political position promotes creating and sharing knowledge as a project of academic commitment and social responsibility towards the community. Our objective is to provide critical knowledge about Area Studies, an alternative understanding of social reality, and encourage the potential of co-handling it. 


Editorial Collective

The journal's editorial collective comprises Professor Fotini Tsibiridou, Αssociate Professor Ioannis Manos, Αssistant Professor Eleni Sideri, and Professor Alexandra Ioannidou, staff members of the Culture, Borders, and Gender Laboratory.


ISSN: 2945-0314