New approaches in the field of planning and policy related to the protection of natural and cultural heritage


  • Ηλίας Μπεριάτος



Spatial planning, Environmental policy, Cultural heritage


This paper refers to the policy for the protection of natural and cultural heritage in Greece, in the light of the recent developments in Europe as well as in the broader international community. In the beginning there is an effort to clarify the main concepts and terms related to the contemporary management of this heritage. It follows an overview of the existing situation in Greece from the point of view of users ('consumers of heritage') while a reference is made to the problems of technical, organizational and social character which affect the process of heritage protection. The paper also focus on the problem of integration of the management actions into the broader spatial/territorial planning and development according to the principle of a rather global approach of heritage which combines ecological, cultural and socio-economic dimensions. Finally there is an attempt of sketching some suggestions about how to deepen public participation, to assure new financial sources and to establish a new structure/institution at national level (coordinating body composed of representatives of various actors) acting as a dialogue forum and beeing responsible for the elaboration of the necessary strategy towards sustainable heritage protection and management.