The importance of the connection between cultural and time planning in urban sustainable development


  • Αλέξης Δέφνερ



Urban development, Cultural planning, Time planning


The topic of this paper is the analysis of the impact of the timeliness of both cultural and temporal planning. The purpose of the paper is the pinpointing of the contribution of their connection in the theory and policy of urban planning, and especially in the planning of sustainable/cities. Reference is made ίο specific dimensions of the connection of these new types of planning {e.g. leisure as one of the basic functions of urban planning), as well as particular cases. Although there is an emphasis on Greek reality, comparison is also made with the international experience. There will be an attempt to reply to certain questions, e.g. a) Which are the strengths and weaknesses of the culture-led urban regeneration? b) Should the focus be on high or popular culture? c) Should the focus be on the past, the present or the future? d) Should the expansion of cities occur in space or time? e) Should the focus be on spatial or time planning?