Transformations and perspectives of regional innovation systems in Greece: Central Macedonia, West Macedonia and Thessaly


  • Λίνα Κυριαφίνη
  • Ελένη Σεφερτζή



Regional programmes, Innovation systems


In the context of convergence and cohesion between the European regions, the promotion of innovation in regions that are in different phases of development has been a central objective of European Regional Policy. In this paper, based on the implementation of successive European Regional innovation Programmes in three Greek regions, namely Central Macedonia, Western Macedonia and Thessaly, we examine the trajectory and the transformations which have occurred in these regional innovation systems. At the outset, we identify obstacles and weaknesses in establishing dynamic innovation systems in these regions, considering the outcomes from the implementation of the first generation of the European Regional Innovation Programmes (RTP/RIS). Then, upon completion of the second phase of these Programmes (RIS+/RECITE), we observe the formation of a new regional policy oriented towards the creation of innovation supporting mechanisms, knowledge transfer institutions, collaborative networks and cooperations between the various regional agents, in order to shape the local innovation environment. Based on these observations, we came to the conclusion that European Regional Policy, via the innovation Programmes, has significantly contributed to the reinforcement of regional innovation systems in less favored regions in Europe.