Activists and women’s creative voices after Tahrir square movement in Egypt


  • Κλεοπάτρα Γιούσεφ



Based on my doctoral research, this ethnographic study focuses on women’s activism in the public sphere following the Tahrir Square movement in Cairo, Egypt. It examines the historical, social and political conditions that emerged in the aftermath of the «Tahrir events» from 2011 until today. The study observes and comments on the thoughts, actions, reactions and feelings of my interlocutors who participated in the research. Particular emphasis is given to both physical and symbolic aspects of women’s activism; of women who took part in the events of the physical space of Tahrir square and those among them who created and promoted the project of the «symbolic square». These women are key figures in the present research. They shared with me and negotiated various aspects of what they have taken as a women’s legacy in modern Egypt, a broad perspective including events, memories, positions and expectations. Finally, the text highlights specific portraits of women activists who, while avoiding a head-on attack with dominant powers, promoted the «spirit of the revolution» through such initiatives as the «Women’s Voices» association.