The contribution of network to the rise of memory of the Jewish community of Heraklion in Greek public life


  • Όλγα Ματθαίου



This contribution focuses on a revived social need and political imperative to “preserve” the memory of the Other in Greece. In particular, the research examines aspects of the Jewish identity in Crete and precisely how it emerges through institutional decisions, local initiatives and actions in Heraklion’s city (and the wider region). The research investigates the protagonists of these institutional processes and actions. At the same time, it sheds light on acting subjects in the local society and, thus, attitudes, practices and ways of life that equally and strongly form this new condition. Moreover, it traces the emergence of the historical Jewish identity on the Internet as part of the era of modernity. The COVID-19 pandemic made Internet research imperative. Most institutions and networks involved were almost exclusively and intensely involved in online activity and exchange of information.